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January 2018 - Furthering you Safety Career - Bill Wuolo - Furthering your safety career_complete.pdf

November 2017 - Safety Management Systems:  How to get Started - Becky Herrold - SMS - NRASP presentation - 11.2017.pdf

September 2017 - Cognitive Overload - The Hazards of Too Much Information & Impact on Safety - Kathleen Dobson - Cognitive Overload - NRASP.pdf

August 2017 - Is the Golden Rule Dangerous?  DiSC Profiling/A Common Language for Behavior - Matt Weis - NRASP LOB.pdf 

July 2017 - Worker Fatigue by Skyler Dutton - NDSC - Worker Fatigue - NRASP - Outline.pdf

May 2017 - The Disease of Worklessness by Dr. Joel Blanchard MD FACEP - disease of worklessness.pdf

    • 21 Mar 2018
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
    • Courtyard by Marriot

    DescriptionIt has been more than a year since many of the requirements under the revision to 1910, Subpart D became effective.   If this change follows the normal adoption curve, there were a few safety rock stars fully prepared for the changes and totally compliant by January 17, 2017.  Those in the middle of the bell curve were aware of it, and may have attempted a few key procedure adjustments.  The last group, we’ll call them the laggards, remain oblivious, and resist any effort we make to educate them.   If you are part of the latter group, don’t come.  You’re not a bad person, it’s just better that you do something that makes happy. 

    As most of us fall somewhere in the middle, a little review of what “should” have changed as a result of the Subpart D makeover would be helpful at this point.   Following a quick review of purpose and scope, we will focus on requirements for hazard assessment, inspection, fall protection and training.  As is often the case with fresh rule making, there are a few loose ends that would benefit from a letter of interpretation or two.  Those areas will be discussed.  A short, confidential survey on WWS will be sent out to registrants just prior to this session.  The results will be shared during the presentation.  Your help in taking a few minutes to fill that out will be appreciated greatly.  

    About Our Speaker:  Matt Weis is the Client Safety Coordinator at Dawson Insurance, a Marsh and McLennan Company.  He holds the designation of Professional in Human Resources.  As a resource to his commercial lines clients, he provides assistance with all things compliance.  Matt currently sits on the NRASP board as a director at large, and serves as committee chair for the NRASP annual golf outing. \

    On the Menu: Fiesta Mexican Buffet

    • 18 Apr 2018
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
    • Courtyard by Marriott

    Description:  Driving has become one of the most hazardous and riskiest exposures of a business.  Distracted driving has become an epidemic.  This session will review the four most common causes of roadway incidents and ways businesses can address these causes as well as ways to potentially reduce their auto liability exposure.

    About Our Speaker:  Vicki Dawson is a Senior Risk Consultant for Federated Insurance.  She provides risk management services and safety assistance to insureds in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.  Vicki has been involved in the safety industry since 1998.  Vicki is a Certified Safety Professional and has her Associate in Risk Management designation. 

    On the Menu: Virginia Baked Ham (chef will choose starch and veggie)

    • 16 May 2018
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
    • Hilton Garden Inn

    Description:  More information to come

    About Our Speaker:

    On the Menu: Tailgater Buffet (Hamburgers, brats, salads)


14 Feb 2018 February - NRASP Membership Luncheon - TOUR - Cardinal IG - NOTE DATE CHANGE - FEBRUARY 14
17 Jan 2018 January - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Furthering Your Safety Career - Bill Wuolo - KLJ
20 Dec 2017 December - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Best Practices for Hearing Conservation - Bill Williams, Essentia Health
15 Nov 2017 November - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Safety Management Systems: How To Get Started - Becky Herrold, McNeilus Steel
18 Oct 2017 October - NRASP Membership Luncheon/COMMUNITY OUTREACH EVENT - High in Plain Sight - Officer Jermaine Galloway - Tall Cop Says Stop
20 Sep 2017 September - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Cognitive Overload - The Hazards of Too Much Information & Impact on Safety - Kathleen Dobson, Alberici Constructors - NOTE - MEETING HELD AT MARRIOT IN MOORHEAD
16 Aug 2017 August - Is the Golden Rule Dangerous? By Matt Weis
26 Jul 2017 July - NRASP Membership Luncheon/GOLF OUTING EVENT - Dangers of Worker Fatigue, Skyler Dutton - NDSC - NOTE - MEETING HELD AT MOORHEAD COUNTRY CLUB
21 Jun 2017 June - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Future Construction in F-M Area, Adam Altenburg - FM Metro COG
17 May 2017 May - NRASP Membership Luncheon - The Disease of Worklessness by Dr. Joel Blanchard MD FACEP
19 Apr 2017 April - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Environmental Risk and Management 101
15 Mar 2017 March - NRASP Membership Luncheon - 2017 NEC Changes - Ben Doyle
15 Feb 2017 February - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Tour of Minnkota Windows Facility
18 Jan 2017 January - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Job Function Matching - The System
21 Dec 2016 December - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Preparing for Disaster
29 Nov 2016 2016 NRASP Annual Conference - Register Soon
16 Nov 2016 November - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Controversies with OSA and the DOT Examination By Dr. Joel Blanchard
19 Oct 2016 October - Member Luncheon With The Fargo and Moorhead Fire Marshals
21 Sep 2016 September - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Lock Out/Tag out Safety & Awareness by Ben Doyle
07 Sep 2016 NRASP BONUS Luncheon - Open Your Eyes: Distracted Driving by Shelley Forney
17 Aug 2016 (Registration Enabled) August - Golf Outing Membership Luncheon - Roadside Inspection of Commercial Vehicles
20 Jul 2016 July - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Heat and Cold Related Illness by - Dr. Meghan Hampton and Jamie Zink, PA-C
15 Jun 2016 June - NRASP Membership Luncheon - The GHS Final Implementation Deadline is Upon Us - Are You Ready?
18 May 2016 May - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Maintaining a Safe and Discrimination Free Workplace
20 Apr 2016 April - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Confined Space in Construction - New Rule
16 Mar 2016 March - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Intro to Bleed Control for the Injured
17 Feb 2016 February - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Healthcare Providers Assisting HR and Safety Directors -While Keeping Employees at Work - Are you Ready
20 Jan 2016 January - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Lead Renovation and Responsibility by Adreienne Salentiny
16 Dec 2015 December - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Bob Corwin From Olson Chain and Cable on Rigging
18 Nov 2015 November - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Elections - Website Review - Conference Development Roundtable
09 Nov 2015 SAVE THE DATE - 2015 NRASP Annual Conference
21 Oct 2015 October - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Why Wellness? Incorporating wellness into your safety and occupational health program
25 Sep 2015 2015 SW Region EMS Conference
16 Sep 2015 NRASP Social - (Note Time Change)
19 Aug 2015 August - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Respirators - Proper Use and Fit Testing by Dale Knutson
20 Jul 2015 July- NRASP - (Monday at Rose Creek) - Luncheon and Golf Outing
17 Jun 2015 June - NRASP Membership Luncheon - Disability Discrimination by Kathy Kulesa
20 May 2015 NRASP Membership Luncheon - SkyWarn Storm Spotter by Greg Gust
15 Apr 2015 NRASP Membership Luncheon - The Basics of Workforce Safety by Nicole Gaab
18 Mar 2015 NRASP March Membership Luncheon - Clear Weather by John Wheeler
18 Feb 2015 NRASP February Membership Luncheon - Is All Low Back Pain Created Equal?
21 Jan 2015 NRASP January Membership Luncheon - The WHY of Safety Leadership
17 Dec 2014 NRASP December Membership Luncheon - Workplace Fire Safety
19 Nov 2014 NRASP Monthly Membership Meeting
18 Nov 2014 2014 NRASP Safety Conference


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