The red arrow on the compass symbolizes the Northern Red River Valley and the blue arrow symbolizes Western Minnesota, the area that NRASP serves. The combination of the legacy logo and the updated graphic, gives NRASP a fresh new look that will represent it well for years to come. 



Join a Committee:

Annual Conference - The Annual Conference Committee is responsible for organizing the annual fall safety and health conference which includes but is not limited to:  hotel and food arrangements, keynote and breakout speaker selection or coordination, marketing and promotion of event, registration and program creation, vendor promotion and set-up, sponsorship/fundraising, and WSI grant completion.  This committee meets on the last Thursday of each month at Roer's.  The 2017 conference is co-chaired by Melissa Olheiser and Andrea Jensen.  Contact Melissa at or Andrea at

Community Outreach - The Community Outreach Committee evolved from the Scholarship Committee.  The goal of Community Outreach is to provide informative safety related events to the Fargo-Moorhead community.  This committee makes decisions and provides financial backing while working with local community organizations such as SADD.  This committee meets periodically as needed.  The chairperson for the Community Outreach Committee is Chuck Ulrich and can be reached at

Communications - The Communications Committee is in the process of reviewing and updating the NRASP website along with reviewing and implementing various communication methods with membership.  The goal of the Communications Committee is to increase awareness of NRASP events along with implementing a system for members to share safety & health related questions. This committee meets periodically as needed.  The chairperson for the Communications Committee is Becky Herrold and can be reached at

Golf - The Golf Committee is responsible for organization of the annual golf outing that occurs in July each year.  Some duties of this committee includes but is not limited to:  event location selection, menu, coordinating registration and sponsorship, along with ensuring the event goes smoothly.  This committee meets periodically as needed.  The chairperson for the Golf Committee is Matt Weis and can be reached at

Membership - The goal of the Membership Committee is to increase NRASP Membership.  The committee chair person remains in contact with current members along with members who have had their membership lapse.  The Membership Committee chairperson is Dale Larson and can be contacted at  Membership is reviewed at each monthly Board Meeting.

Programming - The goal of the Programming Committee is to coordinate monthly luncheon speakers and topics.  The Programming Committee chairperson is Ashley Mund and can be reached at  Programming is reviewed at each monthly Board Meeting.

Note - All Board and Committee member positions are on a volunteer basis.



"Northern Region Association of Safety Professionals" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. North Dakota, P.O. Box 1663, Fargo, ND 58102

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