The red arrow on the compass symbolizes the Northern Red River Valley and the blue arrow symbolizes Western Minnesota, the area that NRASP serves. The combination of the legacy logo and the updated graphic, gives NRASP a fresh new look that will represent it well for years to come. 




As a nonprofit organization, NRASP is always looking for opportunities to give back to our communities and show the value of safety in the workplace and at home. To accomplish this we would like to assist individuals in pursuing educational opportunities in the area of safety.

If you are pursuing further education in a safety sensitive position you may qualify for the NRASP scholarship.


If you have any additional questions, please contact a NRASP board member. Thank you for your interest in safety!

Click the following link to review the Scholarship Policy and Procedures and Application:  NRASP Scholarship Application.pdf

Remember, we work safely not only for ourselves and our co-workers, but most importantly for our loved ones.


The second Community Outreach event, High in Plain Sight was held on October 18, 2017. Officer Jermaine Galloway is a nationally and internationally recognized presenter, national award winner and author of several articles.  Officer Galloway has been an Idaho law enforcement officer since 1997 and has more than 12 years’ experience in alcohol and drug education, enforcement and prevention.  He has dedicated hundreds of hours to community scans, research and substance abuse identification in communities across the country. In this session, Office Galloway covered alcohol and drug clothing, alcoholic energy drinks, alcopops, alcohol and drug concealment methods and containers, drug paraphernalia, drug related music and groups, logos, stickers, new technology, youth party tendencies, party games, non-traditional alcoholic beverages, social networking sites, synthetic drugs, OTC drugs, inhalants, concentrates, E-cigarettes, and popular party drugs. This session also covered common stash compartments that can be used to hide weapons inside everyday clothing containers and other items, in addition to the impact on traffic safety.

Two sessions were held.  One during our regular NRASP monthly meeting and the other later that evening at Minnesota State Community and Technical College.  Over 100 people were exposed to this valuable information and had a chance to ask questions and learn about some of the things that officer Galloway saw in his Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo community assessment.

For more information on Office Galloway’s presentation, visit his web site.




The first Community Outreach event Open Your Eyes:  Distracted Driving was held on Wednesday, September 7 and Thursday, September 8, 2016.  Shelley Forney, Motivational Safety Speaker & Advocate for Cell Free Driving gave three separate presentations with 130 participants on the effects of Distracted Driving. 

Click the file below for more information on the event along with some key points Shelley made during her presentation.  In addition a link to the impactful You Tube video Shelley Forney daughter's 5th grade class created is available. 

Community Outreach Event - Open Your Eyes-Distracted Driving (Sept 2016).pdf

During Shelley's presentation she issued a "Call to Action" to audience members to sign a pledge against distracted driving.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) pledge form that she distributed is available below:

NHTSA Distracted Driving Pledge.docx

Special thanks to Chuck Ulrich, NRASP Vice-President and Chairperson of the Community Outreach committee for his diligence in working with numerous people and organizations to assist in coordinating this event


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