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Carrying on the Conversation - LOTO & Board Member Survey

  • 29 Sep 2016 1:01 PM
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    Carrying on the Conversation
    Lockout/Tag-out; Ben Doyle, MState
    On Wednesday, September 21 Ben Doyle provided information on the basic requirements of Lockout/Tag-out. (LOTO) Below are some highlights from his presentation:
     When considering Scope of your LOTO policy, understand that OSHA only supplies the minimum standard.
     Consider all Types of Energy when putting your LOTO program together. A common type of energy that gets forgotten is gravity.
     When determining types of Locks, Tag-out and Lockout Devices always consider company policy and best practices. Rules may change depending on where a person is working.
     1910.147 is the Control of Hazardous Energy for General Industry. There is not much of a standard for Construction to allow more options for controlling start-up of equipment. Although all construction sites should consider the bare minimum requirements from General Industry.
    When should LOTO apply? That is an area that can be open to interpretation. Something to consider when performing normal production operations is if that employee is exposed to any hazards. It isn’t always about who is doing the job rather than the function of the task. Is there a hazard or exposure to the employee? If so, it may need to be locked and tagged out.
    Four primary steps when performing a lockout/tag-out include:
     A statement of intended use—what specifically is being serviced or repaired.
     A documented procedure on how to Shut Down the equipment.
     Steps for placement, removal and transfer of LOTO devices.
     Testing procedures to verify effectiveness of locks.

    NRASP Board Survey
    We need your opinion!!
    Look out for a Survey Monkey coming your way soon to ask members how they would like General Board members to be elected. There is no provision in the By-laws currently for General Board positions when a vacancy arises.
    We would like to know if the membership would prefer the President select Directors when positions open or if the membership is open to changing the By-laws to reflect the General Directors will be chosen by member vote as well.
    One requirement of Board members is to participate in at least one committee while serving on the Board. Current committees include: Conference Planning, Golf Outing, Community Outreach, and Communications committees.



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